Animes watched. (keeping track lulz)

What I've watched at the moment and some comments about those.
Not in any particular order:

Clannad - See, after story.

Clannad After Story
- Favorite anime so far, not many shows make me cry but this one did, lol.

Kanon(2006) - Pretty good too, another one of KEY's game adaptation.

- First part was good, second part was interesting because of all the backstory but I liked Kanon and Clannad better than this one.

 - Loved this show, seemed a bit short but obviously romance/slice of life animes can't be a lot more than 20-24 episodes or it gets extremly dull.

- Personally enjoyed this, I'm a perv for slice of life/school life animes. lol

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
- This is the first season and it was great, totally thought I was gonna drop it at first but after I got past the first 4-episode arc I started to like it and get addicted lol.

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai
- Second season, was interesting because it gives a lot of background information about some characters and Hinamizawa.

Death Note - First anime I've watched, ever(Dragonball doesn't count and besides TV station was only repeating the first DBZ arc here, lol). This is one of my favorite anime as well, my only complaint is that they should've ended it after Ryuzaki dies, but obviously you can't let the "bad" guy win. Too bad, I didn't really like the second part(ep26-end), it wasn't horrible but well.

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion - First season of CG, it was pretty good. Nothing else to say here.

Code Geass: R2 - Second season(duh), was good until like episode 17 then it went downhill until the finale, all the episodes felt rushed and were pretty stupid I thought. The ending was good, though.

Full Metal Alchemist 1 - The first series, with the 51 episodes and the movie. Not much to say here, if you haven't watched FMA, go now. do it. lol Extremely good show, great music, nice battles, awesome story(even when the plot split from the manga, what they thought of was brilliant).

Vampire Knight & Vampire Knight Guilty - Yeah, well this is a Shoujo show, obviously but I started it and I can't leave an anime unfinished, was overall an okay show, probably would've been better if I was a girl but eh. lol

D-Gray Man - One of the first animes I got into as well, took it up when they were @ep80, love the story, characters, villains and battles.

Neon Genesis Evangelion - Not much to say here, this one's a classic. One of the best anime ever made, absolutely loved it. The battles are awesome, character development is great. I also recently saw the movie "Rebuild of Evangelion 0.1 You Are (Not) Alone, which covers episodes 1-6 I think, the animation is a lot better since it was made in 2008. In short, Evangelion is a must see, I'm writing this and I almost want to rewatch the anime.

Shigofumi: Letters From The Departed - I really loved this anime too(As you can see, I'm not too picky), story was good, the main character was well thought. I recommend it to everyone.

Tengen Toppa: Gurren Lagann - I started this one last year and never finished it, I think I dropped it at episode 7, which was like the episode right before *SPOILER*(lol), the story becomes that much more interesting after this. Characters are great, especially their development after they become adults.

Akikan! - Don't remember much of this, was okay I guess. Soda Cans transforming into girls and fighting should be great, right? right.

Amatsuki - This one was a good mysterious anime, I also read the manga and I hope they'll make a second season of Amatsuki soon! I'll make sure to watch it.

Soul Eater - Still stuck on episode 40 because the manga is a lot more interesting and I don't really want to watch an alternate ending to the anime since it split from the manga. 

Now, this was about the list of animes I watched last as of March 26th 2009. Let's see what all I watched since then!

Shion no Ou(Shion's King) - This one was good! Watched it not too long ago, in september actually, it's about shogi and murders and it was really interesting. Only complaint I have is that you can actually guess who the murderer is before it's stated in the show, which made it less surprising. Overall, I learned a lot of Shogi moves and rules and it was really interesting. Might make me pick up one of those Mahjong animes. lol

Suzumiya Haruhi - I finished watching the first season of this right before the summer season started, last episode of the firsts season is my favorite so far. Not much else to say, everyone knows Haruhi >_> or so I assume.

Suzumiya Haruhi 2009 - FUCK ENDLESS EIGHT. This season was a fucking joke. out of the 14 episodes, 8 were the summer loop. I haven't even finished this season actually. I  hope the third season comes out this winter or spring 2010, Disappearance arc, prz.

Romeo x Juliet - I'm not even finished with this show yet, like on episode 17 or something but it was great when I picked it up, I love romantic animes. I love Shakespeare character too, this anime wasn't what I expected at all. Very good.

Eden of the East - Easily best anime of spring 2009 along with FMA Brotherhood(but doesn't really counts since it's still going). This one is a masterpiece, must see too. Character development, plot, action, everything is great in this anime. I have one complaint and it's that the story isn't actually finished because we have to wait for 2 movies who are supposed to come out in Nov 09 and Jan 2010, which means the DVDs will only be out 6-7 months later for the subs group.

EF - a tale of memories - Great anime right here, as I said earlier I'm a sucker for romantic/drama animes and this one was filled with romance and relationships. Loved the characters, especially Chihiro.

EF - a tale of melodies - Second season of EF, this season was also extremely interesting because it gave a lot of info about the past of the adults. Same as above, lots of romance and drama. Great ending.

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time - An amazing anime movie, seriously. This movie was a masterpiece, it was extremely well done and thought, characters were interesting as well as the story. Another must see.

Honey and Clover - Blah blah blah, drama/romantic comedy anime etc. Great show

Honey and Clover II - See above ^ Really not much to say except that I fucking loved Shinobu lol, everytime he's at school he makes you laugh like no one else but if work is calling he becomes super serious. Also I wanted to say that I totally understand why Mayama loves Rika, she was one of my favorite character.

K-On! - Aired this spring, was a good slice of life show from KyoAni but I sincerely thought there wasn't enough music in this music show QQ. I must admit the parts where they played were good though. This show was good for entertainment purpose.

Sora no Manimani - Extremely funny school life/comedy anime, picked it up last week. This one is still airing though, next week's episode(or this week's, subbers are slow on this one) is the last. Mihoshi is cuuuuute lol.

Canaan - Best anime of summer 09 along with Bakemonogatari in my opinion. It started extremely strong, lots of action and battles which made it good. I'll be honest and say the plot was weak, even after having finished the show I'm still not sure what was going on. Some good character development, notably Canaan but also between Santana and Hakko(in the last few episodes). Overall it was very entertaining and I loved this anime.

Bakemonogatari - Awesome production from Shaft, the story is great, I hated some episodes and I loved some others, Araragi Koyomi was a nice character but my favorite character is Senjougahara. This show was good, I lack the words to explain exactly how it was nice, but I liked it. The ending was awesome.

I didn't include Naruto, Bleach because they're on-going shows and I actually stopped watching them for the time being, it was getting boring so I just read the manga nowadays.

Jaa ne. ^_^

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pretty cool site, put together some sets

Best nin gear!



No clue on Metatron D:


Mercy- (No clue what gorget, and I guess 22 attack would outperform 4STR on legs.)
not bothering with rest of sets <.<


TP pre-cata-
TP post-cata- or
Cata- (Not sure here but people Apoc DRK say that attack is what matters the most for cata)


non /sam TP-


pre-kaiten TP-

and now i'm tired.

Bored out of my mind.

so liek I can't sleep and I'm gonna be at school from 9 to 6 today... well I slept like 3 hours but anyway I was bored between Behe windows and decided to put together what I wanted for my PLD when it'll be 75. 

Hopefully these things shouldn't be hard to get for me.

  Top left - Idle, same as in my earlier entry with Mandau's PLD, this set of gear always goes on after almost every action I do.

Top middle - Oshi/Ichi recast macro. Shadow Mantle instead of Boxer's mantle, swap this in when I'm gonna take a beating or I'm casting Utsusemi: Ichi.

Bottom left - MDB, MDT, this set is better than Mandau's has more Magic Defense Bonus while still maintaining capped MDT.

Bottom middle - +46ENM, self explanatory, all JAs, ect.

Top & bottom right  - I'm actually gonna make a cure cheat macro on Hyr, I don't have one on Mandau at the moment,  so it'll be a great improvement, this set converts 135HP to MP and in the picture I'm unequipping Cassie Earring but I won't have to do this, though I could actually do this with a Cure IV set I think, would just need BQR, which I'll have by then to replace Hercules' Ring.
Bottom right is obviously HP + Enm gear on, notice also that I won't be blinking since my visible equipment doesn't change.


Things I have or I'll have from my sets-

-Sattva Ring
-Parade Gorget(duh)
-Cassie Earring
-Hades Earring +1(Already have)
-Hercules' Ring
-Shadow Mantle
-Resentment Cape
-Cerb. Mantle
-Velocious Belt
-Trance Belt
-Walahra Turban(lol)
-Sword & Shield.
-Lamian Kaman +1
-Koenig Schaller
-Shield Torque & Earring
-I.R lance & Axe grip
-Resolute Belt
-Merman's Ring & Earring
-Ritter Gorget
-Serket & Ether ring + Morgana's Choker and Astral Rope.

Things I may or may not have-

Shadow Ring(Drop rates Q_Q)
Iron Ram Hands + Legs + Feet (Hate doing campaign)
Homam hands + legs + feet (Maybe, maybe not, depends if we get lucky with Omega)
Avalon Breasplate (But I refuse to ding 75 in Team Gallant :(  )
Valor Surcoat (I'll pass to other PLD with it since I already got one for Mandau before)
W.abj.legs (Kirin, though I'll wishlist those I guess)
Ares Cuirass (Drop rate)
Bahamut's Mask (I guess, list is long and I don't want to wish it.)

Things that'll be moderately/really hard to get but that I want-

Hydra Haubert (Drops rate and Dyna points)
Valor Cape (See above)
Hauteclaire (lol, fuck camping this shit)
Aegis (lol, I'm not set on a relic yet but I don't know if I want a shield or not.)
Defending Ring (Drop rate...)

Uh... can't think of anything else right now.

wants yo.

Well, that killed 1hour before I have to take shower, eat breakfast ect, so I'll go level DNC, cya.

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So, yeah been like 3 months since my last real post so i guess it's time not to be lazy anymore.

I'll post my gear sets for my WAR, NIN and my PLD on Mandau I think, since they're really the only jobs I LOVE playing,  rest is still the same, I actually don't mind playing BRD WHM and BLM though.

First is my favorite job, and I'm seriously thinking about upgrading Bravura, I started to collect some coins but I'm not sure yet.

Things you might not recognize: Velocious Belt, 2x NQ Snipers Q_Q, Alkys and the rest should be pretty obvious I guess.

I really NEED Sea gorgets, I started saving for a Snow but got lazy after going 0/10 on Sharks organ >_> oh well..


NEXT, is my favorite tanking job, NIN/DRK, I think I'm pretty good at it actually, even though it's not like anything in FFXI is hard >.> I guess but I take pride in keeping my LS/mages alive lol.

First set is what I idle in and Stun in, Dusk gloves for day time, I also use this set of gear for spells with a kind of long recast, tho I tweak some things around, like Yasha Feet and hands for Sleep and Bind if I have 2x Marches, if not I usually keep this set on to really make sure my recasts are capped.

Second one is pretty obvious, I swap that gear in on Ichi recasts when I think I MIGHT get hit and when I'm taking a beating, usually mobs don't hit too hard with that set of gear on, it's really defense oriented, I'd like another ear1 and I need Seiryu's Kotes or something to really complete the set.

Third is Full Enmity+ Swap, that's what I use for all JAs and Spells who need more +ENM than Haste, i.e. Absorbs Spells when I have to use them, sometimes for Sleep and Ichi debuffs(If I use them which is rarely), this set goes on for Last Resort, Souleater, Weapon Bash.

Fourth is obvious as well, except the fact that my Buburimu Gorget was on Mandau because I tanked Tiamat not too long ago lol. +176 Fire resist with this set on, I'm thinking about dropping the harness for Arhat's gi or something else maybe but I'm not too sure what, I guess +4ENM could be beneficial but I think I'll stick with harness for now, when I get shadow ring it'll replace my Malflame ring so I'll stick to Legionnaire's Harness then.

I use Pescatora or Carbonara on NIN/DRK, Carbonara on things I'll probably the DEF on, like Tiamat since we Sleep right as it lands and we only have to tank it for 30 seconds when it wakes, so there's almost no chance of getting hit, I could probably solo tank this, it's a complete joke.


Now, here's my alt, which is PLD75, and I'm not gonna lie, I know some people whose PLDs have a lot better gear(I guess) but I still think mine is pretty decent and I do a good job on it.

Here are the pictures, Shijin is my sky LS btw, gotta get em W.legs ;;

First set is the one I idle in, max haste(Fuck you Swift Belt) with Parade Gorget, everytime I push a macro I come back to this set of gear after.

Second is Full shield skill, this is what I use for Ichi casts and when my shadows are completly down.

Third is Utsu: Ni gear, Shield skill everywhere I can get without blinking and Haste everywhere else(Fuck you Swift Belt).

Fourth- Fire resist gear, gimp tbh, I really need W.legs and it'll be pretty decent.

Fifth- Magic Damage Taken, -25% MDT with the Merman's Earring I have on Hyr, this set + Lv3 Shellra V caps my MDT, I'd like some Iron Ram pieces for this set, as it's also a MDB set I guess. mainly for PLD/RDM at JoL.

Sixth is my full ENM swap, I need Valor Breeches, not using Adaman because they'r eugly >.> yeah yeah I know but well, also need Askar Gambieras and like an Hades Earring +1 but they're 2M atm.

That's all for tonight I'll post more tomorrow maybe, with what we did in the 3 months I didn't post lol. Feel free to make suggestions and ect.

4:30AM zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz